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The mission of Vangor’s home interior design service is to make the spaces in your home more beautiful, comfortable, safe and functional. Our team of Home Decor are responsible for planning and designing the spaces, taking into account the harmony, proportion and ergonomics of the environments.

To decorate a space with maximum utilisation and style, it is essential to respect not only the characteristics of the space or building, but also the purpose of the room. Just as important, if not more so, is knowing and understanding the tastes, interests and personality of the people who will be occupying that space.

We work for the client and it is therefore the personal taste and profile of each person that ultimately dictates the concept of each project.

At Vangor we provide home decor services with a personalised, careful service that, combined with the experience and knowledge of our decorators, allows us to deliver tasteful, functional decoration that revitalises any space.

The combination of colours, aesthetics and emotions mix and match in a constant quest to create welcoming and unique spaces.

Home decor service for customised homes

Vangor’s decorators and designers focus on the aesthetics of the space, allowing for a transformation that can be one-off or total, depending on the objectives and needs of each client.

We work through the entire process of choosing colours, decorating styles, materials, furniture and accessories to create new environments and spaces.

At Vangor we endeavour to have an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ preferences in every home interior design project we undertake, which translates not only into quality but also into the satisfaction of those who come to us.

If you want your space remodelled, you can also count on Vangor. We work with a network of partners who are highly specialised in building work and refurbishments, always with the architecture and design component present.

Turn ideas into projects with the support of our team.

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    Get to know some of Vangor's home decor projects

    Atelier de Decoração de Interiores vila nova de gaia
    decoração de interiores (
    Serviço de Decoração de Interiores
    Atelier de Design de Interiores
    Decoradores de Interiores Maia

    Complete and integrated home decor service

    If you need help with your decor home, if you have an idea but don’t know how to go about it or if you don’t even know what the best concept to implement in your space is, Vangor has the best professionals to help you.

    Our home decor service has a team of interior designers and architects who will help you throughout the whole process of decorating your home. We’ll make the best decisions to realise your personalised project, meeting deadlines, expectations and budgets.

    Decorating your entrance hall

    Before embarking on the project of decorating your entrance hall, contact one of our interior designers who will give you all the support you need to maximise the space available, finding flexible furniture and accessory solutions to transform your dining room into a unique space.

    Bedroom decoration

    The bedroom should be a haven of tranquillity, a place to cosy up with a good book, watch TV or simply relax away from the world. Our interior designers can create the ideal atmosphere for you to enjoy your bedroom to the full. Start your bedroom decoration project with us and be amazed at the results!

    Living Room Decoration

    The living room should be cosy and give you good feelings. By using Vangor’s living room decoration service, you can have a personalised space that suits your needs and preferences, as well as solving problems of organisation and functionality.

    Dining Room Decoration

    Dining room decoration should be designed to create a beautiful and practical environment in which to host meals. Vangor’s dining room decoration service takes into account circulation, lighting, decorative elements and each client’s personal style, creating a beautiful, practical and cosy environment in which to host both meals and guests.

    If you’re looking for commercial space decoration, see everything here!

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