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Vangor is the interior design company you are looking for. Through its studios, it offers its clients a highly personalised, complete and integrated interior design and decoration service.

One of our objectives is to meet all the decorating needs you may have, from choosing the most suitable furniture, to developing the 3D design of the rooms, to marketing the products and installing them in both residential and commercial spaces.

It should be noted that we are always up to date with the latest trends in interior design, as they are fundamental to creating elegant and cosy spaces. These trends can be applied not only to the decoration of modern double bedrooms, but also to other areas of the home, such as living rooms, kitchens and even entrance halls.

In the services it provides, Vangor works with practically all the furniture brands available on the market and is not limited to selling only what it can produce, so it can offer its customers a wide range of possibilities in terms of decoration styles, price range and delivery times.

Because we believe that all the services we carry out, from the smallest to the largest, have a huge complexity and impact on our clients’ lives, extending over the entire lifetime of the property. That’s why our role is to ensure the longevity of all the projects we carry out, contributing to the longevity of the property.

What are Vangor’s Interior Design Services?

Our interior design services stand out for their passion, professionalism and rigour. Always with the architectural component present as an essential element that adds high value, as well as a high aesthetic, functional and emotional component.

2D and 3D Interior Design Projects

Vangor’s 2D and 3D projects are the best way to realistically preview the final result. This way you can truly experience your space before it’s finalised, allowing you to fine-tune all the details to your liking and sometimes experiment with bolder solutions that you wouldn’t dare to think about otherwise.

Book an appointment with one of our interior designers, start a project with Vangor and be amazed by the realistic images of your home and its new decor!

Custom-made furniture

Vangor produces customised furniture and is able to adapt any product to the specific needs of each environment or the aesthetic preferences of its clients.

Our motivated and passionate team in this area includes architects and designers capable of responding to all kinds of furniture design challenges.


If you purchase a decoration project from us, the remodelling of your space can be coordinated by Vangor using one of the companies with which we have partnerships for this purpose, Urban Obras, a company specialising in building work, remodelling, architecture and design.

In this way, we ensure that the work is carried out within the established deadlines and with the quality needed to achieve the desired end result.

Transport and installation service

Vangor commercialises, transports and installs all the equipment included in your projects. We have professional teams who ensure safe transport from our premises to the customer’s home and are responsible for its installation in perfect condition.

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    Stages of Vangor's Interior Design creative process

    1. Communication/meeting with the client

    This is the first and most important step in understanding why you are looking for us and developing your project according to your needs and expectations. We value a close relationship with our clients so that they feel an integral part of our work – after all, it’s for you that we create.

    2. Site visit for metric and photographic survey

    At this stage we visit the site in order to carry out a metric and photographic survey. This allows us to have the fundamental elements to start the creative process.

    3. 2D project and moodboard

    Once we’ve gathered all the information from the previous stages: the client’s expectations/objectives, a pre-existing survey and the available budget, we move on to what we like to do best: transforming your space with you in mind.

    4. Meeting to present the developed concept and finalise details

    Once the project has been completed, we meet with you to present what we have developed, a 2D floor plan accompanied by a moodboard (a conceptual panel where colours, materials, reference images of furniture/environments are brought together) and a guideline budget for what has been presented. Once the concept has been approved, we move on to the next stage.

    5. 3D visualisation and cost presentation

    As we have developed so far, we move on to 3D visualisation, which gives you a real sense of what we are proposing for your space.

    6. Fornecimento e montagem

    Tudo aprovado, projeto e orçamento, passamos à materialização do seu sonho, que dá lugar ao fornecimento e montagem de todos os elementos proposto para seu projeto. A partir daqui dá-se por finalizado o nosso trabalho, esperando que usufrua do seu espaço em toda a sua potencialidade.

    Online Interior Design Service – A New Way to Decorate

    Vangor also offers you the chance to decorate your home without leaving home, with its Online Interior Design Service. An exclusive service for clients who want to renovate their spaces from the comfort of their own home. Using advanced technology, we offer our clients a personalised and convenient interior design experience.

    We want to simplify the process of decorating your home, which is why we offer a service developed using advanced technology and a wide selection of furniture and accessories, so that you can comfortably and calmly transform your spaces into something that meets your needs and personal style.

    How does the Vangor Online Interior Design Service work?

    At Vangor we have a specialised interior design service that can help you get the home you’ve always dreamed of. This is a personalised service, with solutions tailored to each space and according to different needs.

    This service consists of presenting a complete interior design solution for one or more areas of your home.

    By contracting Vangor’s Online Interior Design Services, you will receive help from a professional specialising in interior decoration and design, without the need to meet the professional in person.

    To use this service, we’ll need some information about the space you want to decorate, your aesthetic preferences and your functional needs, and you can also send photos and measurements of the space to help the designer get a clearer idea of it.

    From there, a personalised project will be created and developed, using technology such as 3D drawings, renderings and other visual resources to show how the space will look once the project is complete.

    Once approved, Vangor will provide the client with a shopping list containing all the information needed to buy the furniture, accessories and other items required in the project. The client can make the purchases themselves or they can hire Vangor to manage the purchases and delivery.

    Why choose the Vangor Online Interior Design Service?

    Vangor’s Online Interior Design Service is the right choice for you. Our team of designers, architects and decorators offer a personalised approach to each project, tailoring them to the specific needs and desires of each client.

    One of the main advantages of our service is its flexibility. You can book a meeting anywhere and at any time, at a time that suits you.

    What’s more, you’ll have access to the latest design trends and techniques, with contemporary and up-to-date projects, and you’ll be able to visualise the end result of your project before you even start work.

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